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Paul Adams, Grouped

Books I Read #4. Grouped by Paul Adams

Despite all  the leaps in technology we are still complex social creatures and an solid in-depth understanding of psychology rather than technology will define the winners in marketing and business.  Paul Adam’s book ‘Grouped’ is a surprisingly short read (it…

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Insights from 57 social media experts.

I have been a bit neglectful of the blog in recent times but I promise I have been busy elsewhere online. At the end of last year year I had the pleasure of organising a social media ‘unconference’ called….

Social Media Crisis come in all shapes and sizes. #SocialCrisis 2

Social media crisis come in all shapes and forms. As social media crisis are still pretty new they come in all shapes and forms and many companies are only discovering them the hard way as the stumble through them.  Instances…

Social Media Crisis Characteristics

Social Crisis Attributes. SocialCrisis #1

Social media crisis are all the rage.  Nothing drives sharing faster through the social-verse than a company or individual falling flat on their face. The shock for most companies is the speed that it unfolds, the paralytic effect it has on…

Ask before you leap into social media.

One of things I hear a lot from students on the Online PR course module that I deliver, especially those who are doing internships, is the dictum from management to sort out their social media.  When I dig a bit…