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Who are Digitalised Communications?

Eoin Kennedy is the force behind Digitalised Communications.  I am an entrepreneur and communications consultant with over 24 years of traditionalEoin Kennedy media and digital experience.

Based in the west of Ireland I offer a full range of business and communications services to small and large organisations.

My approach is unique in that:

  • I have a unique blend of traditional marketing combined with social and digital expertise.
  • Deep experience working with large organisations that can help companies of all sizes.
  • Able to combine strategy, consultancy, training, creativity and results driven execution.


My ramblings on communications.

Time for Bing to Shine as Viable Search Engine.

I have not used Microsoft’s Bing search engine in quite a while.  Despite great promise at launch in 2009 it still lingers at sub 10% usage versus the omni present Google.  I find the results take a good bit more work...
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