What you were doing yesterday might damage what you are doing today

Trevor Holmes kindly pointed out to me that my ‘What I’m doing’ message on Linked In was out of date.  My message was that I was busy pitching, which was true at the time, but looked very odd when I had not changed for over a week.  It got me thinking that I have a number of these from IM, to Facebook to LinkedIn and they are something that people do notice.  Normally they are very general but as rightly pointed out they are a good  opportunity to promote and keep your profile fresh or can be damaging if out dated or worse if negative.  Easy thing to pass over as your view of social media is different to other people.

Building on this I have spotted many messages on peoples SuperWall on Facebook where they obviously realise halfway through a conversation that its a public and not a private conversation. 

Time I logged in to see how my different profiles look from someone elses computer.

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