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Most social media from Facebook, Bebo and Twitter caused lots of consternation for organisations especially when their membership mushroomed.  Facebook now claims over 1 million, Bebo over 800,000 and Twitter looking like 26K to 45K depedning on who you read.

Everyone agreed that that they are wonderful platforms but how can organisations take a meaningful role in them was an enigma.  As time passes the fog has lifted here partially as a result of experimentation, new applications emerging and platforms like Facebook taking a deliberate stance by establishing pages for companies and leaving profiles for individuals.  Some of the rules of engagement have come from the community themselves.  Essentially most of these communities jarred with the idea of companies engaging with the fear of over commercialisation.  Now these is an acceptance that if an organisation can deliver value and entertainment then people will give them eyeballs in a pseudo transaction way.

IGO People Website


IGO People Website

IGO People

is different.  It was established with the very purpose of creating a medium whereby companies could interact with consumers and indeed a platform where people could group together to create change with an organisation.  For example you have a problem with a mobile provider and getting no where with the company itself, then you can use IGO people to group people together to structure a more cohesive approach.

Like all social media the more you put in, the more you engage, the more you build your network base the better the result.

Below is a lits of some of the ways you could use and enhance your IGO People presence.


  • Set up your organisation page with a vanity URL.
  • Add a map to your profile.
  • Add keywords to your ‘conversations of interest’ in order to monitor conversations that are relevant to your business. 
  • Upload a profile photo, brand information and relevant collateral to your profile.
  • Create your first post by introducing yourself to the community and also describe the activities of your business.  


  • Build Community – Invite your customers to your organisation page via the Go Connect features.
  • Join Groups of interest and add value to these groups.
  • Add organisations to your network.  
  • Comment on other conversations where appropriate.  
  • Post regularly on information that is relevant and of value to your customers. 
  • Import your blog via RSS.   


  • Integrate the IGOpeople connect button with website. 
  • Connect your twitter account to your IGOpeople account.
  • Assign multiple representatives to manage your twitter customer service on IGOpeople.
  • Use IGOpeople to manage your customer service, promote and market your products and services , collect feedback and to build social capital.  

Any other experience or more ideas please let me know.  Its worth browsing the site for some nice examples by FBD and Vodafone.



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