PR Ex Pat Organises Korean St Pats Day

Congratulations to Keith Morrison who works for Edelman . He left Slattery Communications about a year and half ago to pursue a career in Korea. Last year he organised a St Patricks festival in Seoul. [youtube=] This year he has secured passage down the famous promenade in downtown Seoul and funding to organise a much bigger affair. Looking forward to seeing the results.

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Hi Eoin,

completely unrelated, but here’s a good video from Gary Vaynerchuk, the brains behind Wine Library TV – the video blog behind/in front of his business.

He’s talking about branding:

Keith Morrison
May 30, 2008 10:41 am

Thanks Eoin for the words of congratulations. Thought you might be interested to know that we used facebook and CyWorld (Korea’s social networking site) to help promote the Festival again this year. Last year 6,000 people attended and this figure represented a huge amount of Koreans we reached through online and social networking activities. We increased the festival participation to 18,000 (numbers in today from City Hall) and a large part of this success was down to reaching out to new people through social networking and online activities (getting people to post pictures for a competition online).

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