Irish Times Goes Audio

Following the training of Irish Times staff a few weeks ago the fruits of their hard labour can now be seen online.

Now Irish Times journalists go out with trusted pen, paper and digital recorder. Journalists recording interviews is nothing new but them editing and uploading the content is a fairly big progression.

Interesting implications from a PR perspective. It introduces an element of colour to press conferences that may not always be desired and further erodes the fallacy of control but it also opens up opportunities. If they are using audio content then why not high quality audio interviews that are supplied by a PR company especially if the reporter cannot attend.

This is a trend that is only likely to increase in complexity with rumours that Silicon Republic will be introducing video content or at least recording some events they cover. Undoubtably this will be a sellable item for them but again once the PR industry invests in the software and hardware its another area of potential growth for the PR industry.

Lets hope the NUJ sort out their differences on content generated for the paper versus the web.

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Keith Morrison
May 30, 2008 10:52 am

This is great to see and congratulations to everyone in the Irish Times.

It happens here in Korea depending on the newsworthiness of the story. As you may know, Korea has the second highest broadband penetration (last time I looked anyway) and journalists often turn up with video cameras for interviews and upload the whole thing. It can be a surprise for the interview candidate too. It certainly creates more challenges for a PR/Communications professional but also the journalist whose often turning up with cameras, video camera as well as his pen…

I actually got caught off guard the first time I encountered this when a journalist from the Chosun Ilbo (Korea’s paper of record…) turned up to interview my own company’s CEO when he visited Korea last year and started to film the interview.

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