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Fridays seem to arrive so fast especially when I have set it as my day to blog.

Following on from the checklists that were developed for the Social Media Working group session at the IIA.  This one is courtesy of Matt Matheson in ThinkHouse PR and covers some of the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced things you should keep in mind on Facebook.  Outside of people under estimating how much time keeping a Facebook profile/page fresh, people forget about the simple things they can do to engage. 

Below are some pointers. 


  • Set up a personal profile or a page for a business
  • Find friends and potential contacts
  • Interact with other brands pages and groups on Facebook and watch what they’re doing 
  • Monitor the frequency of brand discussions with http://www.facebook.com/lexicon/
  • Set up an advertiser account for your brand  
  • Create a fan page with a vanity URL 
  • Upload a profile photo, brand information and relevant collateral (Imagery, videos) 
  • Suggest friends become a fan 


  • Build Community – Run Facebook ads to promote your brands page and its fans  
  • Interact with fans by posting newsworthy brand posts
  • Comment and post on other profiles where appropriate
  • Update fans on important brand information 
  • Add relevant applications – RSS feeds from brand newspage/blog
  • Create events for brand events. Upload content (Pictures, Videos, Links) and invite fans
  • Monitor traffic via Facebook page analytics 


  • Integrate fan page with website – Include a link to fan page and stream posts
  • Integrate with brand’s other online mediums – Twitter, Blogs, Social Networks etc.
  • Enable your brand’s website with Facebook Connect – http://developers.facebook.com/connect.php
  • Run Facebook specific aspects of brand campaigns
  • Create relevant applications for your brand for campaign

 This is just a snap shot but delighted to have comments on ones that are left out!

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italian foodie
June 13, 2009 12:30 pm

Good post, just put my business on facebook a couple of weeks ago and find it really good. I only know the basics though and need to set up a fan page etc if I ever figure out how to do it.



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June 15, 2009 8:50 am

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Best of Lorraine. Most of the Facebook technology is pretty straight forward but you need to play aournd with it. Gets a lot trickier when you venture into applications. Time and creativity are really the crucial issues.

iia blog » Fancy your own Facebook vanity URL?
June 16, 2009 9:02 am

[…] 16th, 2009 // Eoin Kennedy, IIA Vice-chair and Social Media Working Group (SMWG) worker has a great post on his blog about the key activities a company should focus on when setting themselves u…. This is a checklist that was developed by Matt Matheson of Thinkhouse (and fellow SMWG member) for […]

Excellent checklist Eoin and Matt, thanks. Will definitely be coming back to this for Events and campaigns – I think it’s important to remember things like this apply not just to brands!

Thanks Darragh. Big fan of checklists – maybe a sign of old age. Yip applicable to lots of organisations, people, entities, bands etc

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