A year later and finally a product.

What a year since I left the PR industry to set up a start up with a web developer.

Multiple test platforms, revisions of business plans, financial spreadsheets, revenue modelling, investor presentations, navigating the support maze, pivots and all the heart ache that goes with a start up but finally a product to launch.

I have learnt a huge amount, met some incredible people and made many mistakes along the way but finally we are launching a product at the Dublin Web Summit today.

knudger logo

Knudger Logo

Knudger.com is a social promotion service that pays people per click for posts on their social media profiles.  The product we are launching is a social fundraising product called Knudger Groups.  The idea behind the product is that clubs, charities and organisations are struggling with fundraising and their members are cash and time strapped.  In addition people will do extraordinary things to help a local club.

With knudger groups we get a local charity or sports club to set up a group on knudger.com and to ask their members to join and connect their social media accounts.  We find a symbiotic or matching company that would benefit from promoting itself through the club.  Take a GAA club and Club Energise or O’Neill for example.  A campaign (suggested text, link, image and description) is generated and the advertising company upload how how much they wish to spend and how much they would like to pay per click.  The club member then click on the campaign on knudger.com and the text/link appears in the social media networks they have picked.  Everytime one of their friends or followers click on the link the club is paid a donation.  Each club member gets to see what the other members have posted and the revenue they have generated.

At the end of the campaign a cheque is written for the club.  The advertiser gets referred traffic to their website, social media seeding (people talking about them in social media) and social signals (search engine benefits).  They only pay for visits to the site rather than posts so all highly transparent.

To launch Knudger Groups we are teaming up the Dublin Web Summit to raise funds for their designated charity Movember.  For the duration of the summit visitors to Knudger will be brought to the Dublin Web Summit – Movember Group.  Once people join the group and register their accounts they will see the campaigns promoting Movember.  Knudger will post to their social networks with the text they wish to use and Movember gets paid for every click generated.


Movember Campaign on Knudger

The link for the campaign is www.knudger.com/dws and I would really appreciate it if you would help me and the charity by registering and posting and sharing the word.

All anxious moments as we put the service live and will let you know how it went for us after the event.

Final tip: most people find registering with your twitter or facebook account is fastest.

Here is the flyer for tomorrow and about Knudger Groups.

Knudger Groups Flyer and Movember Campaign Knudger Groups Movember Campaign.

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