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In the current economic climate fundraising is top of mind for all clubs, schools and non charity associations.

Most are manned by voluntary staff who try to squeeze in raising funds while juggling work and family commitments but are all committed to things they are passionate about.

Ideas Brain Storming

Fundraising committees are generally very good at coming up with new ideas of fundraising ventures but fall down when it comes to getting the money in.  Building a website or technology platform can also be expensive and not their core competency.

Where clubs are very strong is that they normally have excellent networks (locally and internationally) but tapping into these is easier said than done.

10k Road Race Fundraiser

With this in mind we have built a crowd funding and payment processing site called PledgUp.com.  Its premise is very simple.  Tell people what you are fundraising for and ask them to donate.

It works in a very easy way.

  1. You create an individual profile and a group for what you are trying to raise funds for.
  2. You then add a campaign for what you are doing to raise funds (either a straight forward donation or you might have some initiative/event you are organizing.)
  3. You then get a link that you can send to all your friends or contacts by email, sms or by posting on social media sites.
  4. They are then brought to a page where they can donate via PayPal.

The more people from the club who set up profiles and add the campaign the wider a net is cast.


One of things this site is designed to do is to replace or supplement printed sponsorship cards which are limited by the amount of people you physically meet.  Even when people fill them out, they still need to go back after the event and collect the money.  With PledgUp.com people can simply donate online and you know how much you have raised instantly.  The platform is very flexible and can accommodate lots of ideas that people have.

We are looking for early adopters of the service and would be delighted to either talk you through how it works or to set it up for you.

There is no charge and for the early adopters we are waiving our small commission.

We have had a really positive response to date and want to hear about other things people would like to raise funds for.  It could be a sports club, school or a group of friends trying to fund an idea they have.

If you feel passionate about something but need a way of funding it we would really love to hear from you.

My email is eoin @ knudger.com (minus the gaps) or try it out on www.pledgup.com


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