People Searching Just Got Easier

Recently there has been a number of articles about HR people using Google and the Search Engines for screening of candidates and the more worring threat of identity thieft.  Paul Taylor in the FT wrote a interesting article today that discussed two new people search services BeenVerified and Spock.  I have tried out a few of these services before and found them fairly clunky, unfocused and expensive if you moved beyond the full service.  These two are much more accurate and produce results directly from Linked In, social networking sites and other general websites.  There is very little wading through material and its clearly presented.  On one level its a grea research nd networking tool.  However while its useful to be well connected online the volume of personal information produced by just searching by name is alarming.  Most PR peoples full contact details are included on the end of press releases that are posted on client company’s website or SEO PR sites so no more hiding now!

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