Online Book Club Anyone?

I have finally managed to get back to my reading list and really enjoying physical books again.  I recently finished Paul Adam’s book Grouped.  This book is now likely to gather dust regardless of my intention of using it as a reference book.

With this in mind and with the #cong13 hat in mind I was going to offer the book up as part of book club.  Some very simple rules.

  • Available books to be offered on Twitter using #congbookclub and book name.
  • Open call for people interested in reading.
  • First to DM or email address gets the book posted to them.
  • Return the karma if possible by posting back another book.
  • Use #congbookclub to let people know who has what book.
  • Write your name/twitter hand and date on the inside cover as record of who read it.
  • Try to read the book as quickly as possible and offer onwards via #congbookclub.
  • Try to review and share your views on Blog/Twitter.

Happy to kick off by offering Grouped by Paul Adams to the first person who DMs or emails me their address – eoin at congregation dot ie or Eoink and Congregation13 on Twitter.

Share social media books you have read

Share social media books you have read

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